I am just a man, a simple, ordinary man.
I don’t have brave tales to tell, nor work to show.
I haven’t invented anything or reaped or sowed.
I haven’t been in any wars or entered in a show,
My name is pretty mundane, and it does not ring any bell.

I am just a man, a typical, nondescript man.
I have a family of four, but well they are just there.
I haven’t become famous or got my name flashed in a daily.
But well, I hope someday it will find a place,
Even though in just a boring obituary.
My birthday is no fanfare nor will my death be a roar.

I am just a man, a mediocre, mainstream man.
I haven’t inspired any soul or brought any change.

 I cry, but I don’t know why.
My story is no different from yours,
But maybe I hoped for a different end.
Being a father, husband, son
Is all I ever did,
Maybe this was all meant,
But even here something feels missing,
A phone bill or this month’s rent.
I was just a man, a homespun, commonplace man.
                                                                                     Ankit Agarwal